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Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition

Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition

Personal Trainer & Fitness NutritionPersonal Trainer & Fitness NutritionPersonal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition
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Online Fitness Training

We keep you motivated!

Train online with veteran fitness trainer and owner Coach Julie Beck

  • ACE Personal Trainer since 1993
  • MovNat L2 & Combatives Instructor
  • ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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Private Fitness Studio Training

Online Fitness Personal Trainer

Exercise builds Immunity

Keep Moving!

  • cardiorespiratory fitness
  • strength
  • balance
  • healthy diet
  • individual exercise programs

Stay safe & sane and train privately here.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training

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Searching for "personal trainer near me?"

We serve Seal Beach, Long Beach and surrounding areas in our Private Studio.

Online coaching is available live “virtually” anywhere including our Nutrition Program.

If you need to get moving and eat better, start here we offer you a FREE Assessment.

Nutrition Program

Personal Training

Personal Training

Strength Fitness Balance and eating healthy food is how we train you

We surveyed hundreds of people

and we're 100% certain

that people don't hire a personal trainer to lose weight.

They said they want to feel better.

Is this you too?

Follow through and CALL US NOW.

Your health & fitness goals are important so let’s talk fitness and nutrition!

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Personal Training

Have questions?

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Set your expectations high because we answer your most frequently asked questions about starting a fitness & nutrition program.

You need detailed explanations?

Good, we understand and deliver. 

We KNOW you want results and we are confident that we meet your expectations.

All the time. Every time.

Client Reviews

What is MovNat Combatives?

Client Reviews

Taking it outside for a workout in Long Beach.
We love to exercise outside the gym!

Our clients love us and they want to tell you so!

Coach Julie Beck, the owner of Warrior Up Fitness, has over 25 years of fitness coaching experience in strength, fitness and balance training and is ready to help you too.

Peruse our reviews by clicking the button below. We are proud to be of service to you serving Seal Beach, Long Beach and surrounding areas.

About Us

What is MovNat Combatives?

Client Reviews

Coach Julie Beck personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist

Choosing a personal trainer who you can trust can be a challenge.

Coach Julie Beck is a 26 year veteran fitness trainer who understands firsthand the concept of an aging body and is committed to coaching you to live the best possible life at any age.

What is MovNat Combatives?

What is MovNat Combatives?

What is MovNat Combatives?

MovNat Combatives Instructor Julie Beck with Carlos Condit, UFC fighter in New Mexico 2015

Are you feeling like it's time to learn how to physically protect yourself and your family?

Male or female, most criminals don’t discriminate.

"You don't choose, They choose You".

Vic Verdier, MovNat Combatives Instructor

MovNat Combatives sessions are purely focused on self-preservation skills.

Private Individual or Group Sessions

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