26 Year Fitness Veteran

Hi, I’m Coach Julie Beck and I have 2 stories really, a short story and a more in-depth version of me.

Here is the real fun short story first.

I coach exercise and healthy diet and I motivate you to exercise. Designing custom programs is also my strength and I’ve been doing so for a loooong time.

My clients affectionately (or so they say) refer to me as the E-V-I-L trainer. I call myself a professional ass-whooper. That's not all to scare you I'm just saying that when you first meet me I smile a lot and help you to feel secure that I've got your back and then...hehehe...and then.

I am a 5'0" ninja girl who believes in living the highest quality of life possible at any age, and who has been known to sing rock n' roll songs...out loud...in public.

Now for the longer and more serious story if you please... Click here 

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Coach Julie Beck / Seal Beach / 26yr FitPro
Warrior Up Fitness studio owner
Coach Julie Beck / Seal Beach / 26yr FitPro Warrior Up Fitness studio owner

Personal Training & Nutrition


Our specific purpose is to coach you to get fit and eat healthy foods so that you feel better! As you begin to feel the years go by, don't you think that it's important to take care of the body that you have right now? #livehealthy

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Activities like walking, lifting and carrying things and keeping your balance should come naturally to us right? If you have lost some ability to do these things, retrain your brain and re-condition your body with us.

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