Warrior Up Fitness

Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition

Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition

Personal Trainer & Fitness NutritionPersonal Trainer & Fitness NutritionPersonal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition

Don’t be shy

Do you feel like this doggo?

Let us give you a little push...

off the couch.

We know you are unique

  • You want individual attention
  • Expert exercise instruction 
  • Total body conditioning
  • Stay on track and accountable
  • Train for strength and cardio
  • You wobble? Then you need flexibility & balance

We are Personal Training & Nutrition serving Seal Beach, Long Beach and surrounding areas.

We value your business and will respond within 24 hours

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Time to work your heart & eat healthy!

Warrior Up Fitness

408 Marina Dr, Seal Beach, California 90740

(562) 458-4059


Open today

05:00 am – 09:00 pm

By Appointment only

Gift Certificates available for personal training include a free consultation with a trainer
CALL FOR DETAILS (562) 458-4059

Personal Training Gift

One on one coaching

Including FREE consultation

Choose 30 or 50 min sessions

Gift Certificates available for Nutrition Program include a free consultation.
Eat real food.
CALL FOR DETAILS (562) 458-4059

Nutrition Program Gift

Healthy Nutrition Program $249

4 weeks to create new habits and make better food choices.

No dieting. Eat real food.