Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Why hire a Personal Trainer?

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Having a coach can be the difference between success and failure.

We begin with a consultation:

  • review your health history
  • physical injuries that we need to be aware of
  • your unique goals for training
  • assess where your current level of fitness is at today
  • set appointments for workouts
  • talk about food...a lot
  • motivate you

All you need to do is Move your Body.

Personal Trainer or Group Fitness?


 We answer this question a lot.

Simply put, we pay attention to you.

The professional personal coaching, education and attention to detail that you experience during individual sessions will keep you efficient with your time and teach you precision techniques.

You learn how to move safely.

As fitness professionals, we use all different types of training techniques: HIIT, suspension training (think TRX®), MovNat® natural movement, free-weights, bodyweight, circuit training, yoga/stretching, kickboxing etc., the personal part of personal training is quite different from group fitness instruction.

The one-on-one experience allows you to ask questions, get answers and spend the time on whichever aspect of the program seems to be most challenging for you.

You may be aces at exercising and pay zero attention to your diet (and by diet we mean FOOD as in the human diet not a diet). You may have your nutrition under control and walk daily but include no strength training into your routine and can’t touch your toes because you're so inflexible.

Having a trainer as a health and fitness partner can bring together all of the aspects of a well rounded program for you.

We offer small semi-private personal training groups and stay 100% attentive to form and technique. Our groups have 4-6 clients only.

You don't need to be in shape first! We work with you just the way you are at any level of conditioning.

You bring your desire, we bring our expertise and skill.

How long till I see results?


 Results vary on your level of commitment and adherence to your programming. We never give you more than you can handle. We don’t yell at you. We coach you and motivate you to pick your schedule and adhere to it.

The more you are able to accomplish, the better and faster your results will come.

We do not own a crystal ball for timing estimates but it’s safe to say that you will follow this path if you are new to exercise:

Initial Conditioning: Stick to your schedule and don’t skip workouts. We slowly increase  intensities and the types of exercises in our toolbox. We also focus on accelerating the level of movements you are able to accomplish. This is a very short cycle generally 6 weeks to 90 days is typical.

You MUST do your homework.

Conditioning: Now you’ve hit your groove and you’re moving forward. How quickly you train your body and your mind is dependent upon your training intensity and adherence to your program. You MUST eat well to expect any sort of real conditioning and fitness gains. Period.

Maintenance: Congratulations! You have reached your goals and you can readjust your intensities and your effort. We don’t relax our discipline to exercise or nutrition, but are able to play around a bit more with our training schedule.

You worked hard to reach your final stage and you never want to slip back into bad habits… three different phases of physical and mental fitness.

Let’s do this together.

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Do you really care?

 Yes. Your success is our success shared.

As you reach your goals, your success is your testimonial to living the highest quality of life possible at any age and you can start over at any stage in life.

Imagine when other people are noticing your change in attitude and your increased energy!

You will be so motivating to others.

You need motivation and discipline.

We are on this journey together as you are looking to redefine yourself.

You are not alone and your referral is the greatest form of flattery so yes, we care.

We take the most excellent care of you.

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