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Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition

Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition

Personal Trainer & Fitness NutritionPersonal Trainer & Fitness NutritionPersonal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition
Training with a coach ensures you have proper technique and stay safe

Why hire a Trainer?

We answer this question a lot

  • Stay efficient with your time and learn precision techniques. You learn how to move safely

  • We have superior knowledge in the field of health and fitness programming

  • You can ask questions and get solid answers

  • Focus on what is important to YOU

  • Having a trainer as a health and fitness partner joins together all of the aspects of a well rounded program for you

  • Always a FREE ASSESSMENT to determine where we begin together

You don't need to be in shape first! We work with you just the way you are at any level of conditioning

You bring your desire.

We bring our expertise and skill.

Success! Client Juli Quinn shows off after a workout. We’re the #1 Seal Beach personal trainers!

How do I get started?

Use your coach to support and educate you

We begin with a FREE Consultation:

  • discuss your health history
  • review special considerations & injuries 
  •  discuss strength training & balance
  • assess your current level of fitness
  • talk about food...a lot
  • motivate you

 Now we have our plan of action

HIIT running walking rowing machines cardio and jumping Rope are great ways to stay heart healthy

Ask Coach Julie FAQ

Results vary based on your level of commitment and adherence to your programming. We coach you and motivate you to pick your schedule and adhere to it.

The more you are able to accomplish, the better and faster your results will come.

We do not own a crystal ball for timing estimates but it’s safe to say that you will experience some changes quickly. Here are 3 three different phases of physical and mental conditioning for fitness explained:

  • Initial Conditioning: Stick to your schedule and don’t skip workouts. We slowly increase intensities and the types of exercises in our toolbox. We also focus on accelerating the level of movements you are able to accomplish. This is a very short cycle generally 6 weeks to 90 days is typical.

      It's up to you to do your homework.

  • Conditioning: Now you’ve hit your groove and you’re moving forward. How quickly you train your mind and body is dependent upon your training intensity and adherence to your program. You MUST eat well to experience real conditioning and fitness gains. Period.

  • Maintenance: Congratulations! You have reached your goals and you can readjust your intensities and your effort. We don’t let go of our discipline to exercise or nutritional habits, but we are able to relax more with our training schedule.

Learn to be committed & disciplined.

If you don’t start now... then when?

Our clients say funny things like this: “I’ll do anything you want but I might complain about it”.

I'm still undecided...

Imagine when other people are noticing your change in attitude and your increased energy! 

As you reach your goals, your results become your living testimonial to an active and healthy lifestyle.

You can start living well at any stage in life.

In fact you can change anytime you want to but you actually have to “ give to receive“ so to speak. 

It’s not magic you know.

Energy in versus energy out… Simple science!

You want to feel better.

We want you to feel better too. 

If you need motivation and discipline,

know that we are on this journey together as you are looking to redefine yourself.

You are not alone .

And yes, we care.

We take the most excellent care of you. So start here confident and secure and tell us your story.

Without any monetary commitment from you, we are happy to review your current habits.

We want to help you make some adjustments right away so you can change the way you eat and feel better today.