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Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition

Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition

Personal Trainer & Fitness NutritionPersonal Trainer & Fitness NutritionPersonal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition
Discover Choose My Plate and Dietary Recommendations through our nutrition program

Nutrition Only Bootcamp 4weeks $249

“You choose. No one else is the boss of you ” Coach Julie Beck

Have you been told to eat better nutrition for your health or maybe you’ve tried every short term diet and need a long-term solution?

The only way to change the way that you look and feel is to change the way that you eat.

Old habits die hard

This program is designed to educate you and to help you learn to develop healthy habits.

Eating healthy is about more than weight loss, it’s about consistency and timing, choices and change.

When you choose to change with Coach Julie, you receive help from an allied health professional using the most up to date nutrition information available. Expect to be educated step by step as we work together to break down information into bite-size pieces, create new habits and progress at your own pace. 

The goal is for YOU to know what I know so that you will feed your family and yourself in a way that supports a healthy lifestyle.

So, are you ready? 

This complete 4 week program includes:


  • Liquids
  • How much is enough


  • How dieting can really harm you
  • Learn how to fuel your body


  • Increase your energy ⚡️
  • Nutritious snack ideas 💡 


  • Plan & Prep and don't go hungry
  • Use a simple grocery list


  • "What" when you are on the go
  • Determine “how much-how often”

  1. Whole Grains
  2. Fruits
  3. Vegetables
  4. Protein
  5. Dairy

Recommended substitutes for each group based on dietary need (US.GOV/MyPlate)


  • Make a variety of meals with “staple” items
  • Learn quick and easy meals using just a few ingredients


  • Learn what IS nutrient dense?
  • New science updates to the old school diet plans and supplements for weight loss

We Support You

We meet to review your current habits including:

  • how you choose foods
  • eat and sleep patterns
  • snacking preferences
  • fuel habits: do you eat at home, dine out or travel frequently?

Do you eat healthy food while you are away from home? It’s an integral part of a consistent and healthy eating regimen and we make it easy to choose!

CUSTOM Nutrition Portal

Do you need information for Mediterranean, DASH, diabetic, vegetarian, gluten free, vegetarian or vegan foods?

We’re ready to coach you!

Dietary Gudelines 2015-2020

MyPlate understand nutrient dense foods in healthy portions

Nutrition Portal has specific sorting options:

  • protein, carbs, fat
  • sugars, fiber, sodium 
  • colors

We only eat real food 

One one one coaching

  • Check-in daily for accountability
  • Weekly recap allows us to adjust your program quickly and efficiently to maximize your efforts to change your habits 
  • Ask questions & get answers from your personal coach
  • CUSTOM nutrition portal 24-7 access
  • Private access password protected
  • One on one personal coaching is for long-term RESULTS
  • We give you all the tools you need to succeed!

Stop sabotaging your best efforts, no dieting - just real food

Eat Healthy Nutrition

Want to learn how to eat healthy?

  • 4 weeks to focus on nutrition only
  • 1 on 1 personal coaching
  • quick & easy meal ideas & recipes
  • prep & plan like a pro

Stay consistent, accountable and motivated!

Lets take a close look at your current habits.

Answer these questions;

This is a great example of a perfect breakfast with yogurt and berries

Nutrition Only Bootcamp reg: $249

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