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Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition

Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition

Personal Trainer & Fitness NutritionPersonal Trainer & Fitness NutritionPersonal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition
Performance strength, fitness and balance training with MovNat trainer Eric Brown and Julie Beck

Personal Training $25-$80

FREE Assessment 30 minutes

Month to month NO contracts

  • Solo
  • Partners
  • Semi-private small groups

Lets talk fitness and together we decide which of our programs will work for you.

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FREE 30 minute Consultation & Assessment

Tell us about who you are, how you got to where you’re at and why change is so important to you now.

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Trainers motivate you to exercise and to eat good food on schedule between your exercise workouts at the gym

Strength Training

This is where we shine!

Regardless of which fitness or nutrition plan you choose, we've got your back.

Our expert coaching keeps you fully engaged and motivated so that you get results.

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OR here's a few questions for YOU to answer and we'll just see how un-motivated you are? You may be more ready and set-to-go than you imagine!

Flexible coach online trainer fitness using yoga and Movnat

LIVE Coaching Online Virtually Anywhere

Our same motivating sessions with your coach using your individual workouts. We train together exactly like our personal training sessions in the Seal Beach studio still LIVE and personal but on a smaller screen.

Take us with you when you’re traveling or can’t get into the studio. True story: my first client many years ago was in Newfoundland. Imagine that…live coaching 3000 miles away from me in California!

Please contact us right away to inquire about our online personal training service fees and scheduling.

Choose from 3 Programs

  • LIFE CHANGER  warrior up
  • MOTIVATIONAL ready set go
  • MAINTENANCE stay motivated

FREE 30 minute consultation

Speak one on one to Coach Julie Beck who is a Certified Online Trainer, to discuss your health & fitness goals and learn about how easy it is to train online!

Coach Julie | MovNat Combatives Instructor

elbows, knees & hand strikes